Whether you are just looking into Christianity or are already a follower of Jesus Christ, you’ll be welcome here. Fulham Baptist Church is a place where ordinary people, of all ages, can discover and experience the love of a very real God. Together we are in the process of finding God’s purpose for our lives and learning to live the sort of lives that Jesus described in the New Testament.

We aim to make sure our church is a place where people of all backgrounds and experiences can come with their questions and doubts and explore what Christianity is all about. We’re working hard to be a church with clear and relevant teaching from the Bible, authentic worship and sincere friendships.

We put a high priority on being a place where we can hear the living message of God’s Word, where prayer and genuine care are important, as is reaching out into the local community and beyond.

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Key team members.


Mark van Cuylenburg



Mr Pedro Luyindula



Mr Stephen Mbaluka

Church Secretary


Mrs Cordelia Lopez

Treasury Team


Mrs Lurline Smith



Mrs Christie Ahweyevu

Treasury Team