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25th March 2018 – Palm Sunday

Message from The Minister: (This is an abridged version of the sermon I preached at Mary Seacole House on the 18th March 2018) I don’t know how you start your day but I can tell you how I start mine.

Every day is a special day. Its good to be alive, but Sunday for me is better than any other day because it is the day that I have set aside to worship God.

I would like to say that I worship God every day but the cares and responsibilities of the world often get in the way.

Most mornings, as soon as I am awake, and before I get out of bed I say a prayer quietly to myself, “Thank you Lord for this day. Thank you for bringing me through another night. I pray that today I can worship you and glorify your name. This is the day I have set aside to focus once again on you. I praise you Lord and I dedicate this day to you. In Jesus name, amen.”

Of course there will be many more prayers during the day.

On Sundays, before I start to set up the church for the Sunday Worship Service I get on my knees in front of The Cross and ask God to be in our service in spirit. I ask Him to fill me with His spirit so that I can say, with authority, the words He has given me to say and to pray prayers that are acceptable to Him.

I pray for the congregation that are going to come and I pray for the portion of God’s Word that they will take away with them. I pray that His Holy Spirit will presence itself amongst us and that each and every person will be touched in some special way that only God knows.

During the first part of our morning worship service I conduct the prayers of thanks and intercession and in the past these have proved to be powerful tools.

I pray expectantly because I believe it would be pointless if I didn’t believe that God was already interceding even before I open my mouth.

At the end of the service I pray a blessing on the congregation and after the service I pray a prayer of thanksgiving because The Lord has once again responded to my needs and to our needs.

Before we go to Mary Seacole House I pray. I pray that the residents will come and be blessed by the worship.

I pray that He will support me as I seek to bring them His word, and I pray they will be blessed by it.

At the end of our short service together I pray a blessing over the residents and when we leave I give thanks.

Our Sunday prayer day hasn’t finished even then because we have a Bible Study at 6pm and that needs to be prepared, and in order to do that I need to pray.

I am not blessed with godly wisdom so I need The Holy Spirit of God to give me knowledge, wisdom and insight into His word so that I can pass it on to those who study with me.

We pray at the beginning of the Bible Study and we pray at the end. Sometimes we are even led to pray during the Bible Study.

And at the end of Sunday, and every day, I will pray a prayer of thanks to The Holy God without whom I could not have maintained that rate or volume of work and prayer.

I acknowledge here and now, in front of witnesses, that without Him I am but an empty vessel and good for nothing.

As I said I try to start every day with prayer but because of the distractions of The World it is often a quick thing, abbreviated or foreshortened. But I notice the days when I haven’t prayed.

There is a void in my life if I haven’t asked The Holy Spirit to come near.

When I talk to people about prayer and its power I often think of our own elderly and disabled church members, and our elderly friends at Mary Seacole House. It seems to me that even the most disabled of you can pray, out loud or in your head, with others or in the solitude of your own home.

Like me, prayer will empower you. Prayer will remind you of Gods holiness and of His plan for your life. Nobody is too far gone. God has a purpose and plan even for you.

You can pray for yourself. At least once a day I do that.

You can pray for others. I do that every day too.

You can give thanks to God for your life and for the lives of those who are a blessing to you.

You can pray for those who do not know Jesus Christ, that you, or someone else, can tell them how much God loves them.

You can pray for your own family and for the family of others.

Without a doubt regular prayer will give you purpose and it will lift you up.

We are blessed when we set ourselves aside from the world and the things of the world.

When we pray to God we are like a tree that puts out roots by the stream and bares fruit in every season. (Psalm 1closeERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST'closeERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST')

The psalmist compares Godly people with the wicked who are exactly the opposite. The reference to chaff that blows away with the wind refers to the remnants left on the corn field when all the good stuff has been gleaned and harvested. It is good for nothing and easily scattered before the wind.

And lastly, the psalmist tells us that our righteous lives will be the key to heaven.

We are sinners made righteous by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross at Calvary, and if nothing else we should pray and give thanks for that.

Because of Jesus we do not have to die. The passing from this world is like going through a vale from one place to another. We close our eyes in this world and open them in the next.

There we will no longer be sick, there we will no longer be old and slow. There, in heaven, with God and The Son, we will be free of the burdens of this world.

No more suffering, no more pain. Just bliss.

In Jesus name, amen.


Dates for your diary: It’s a busy week this week. We suggest you take a copy of this newsletter home with you so that you can keep track of all the events leading up to Easter Sunday.

Monday Cornerstone Café is from 10am to 12pm. Always fresh and always free bacon or egg sandwich’s, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Volunteers are welcome from 9.30am.

Wednesday Luncheon Club is from 12pm to 1pm with food preparation starting at 9.30am. This is the last Wednesday Luncheon Club until November. Since last November 2017 we have served over 400 free hot meals, given away 12×3 season sleeping bags, more than 20 warm coats, as well as various warm hats, scarves, gloves, underwear, socks and shoes. At last count we have issued 22 foodbank vouchers since November.

Thursday Prayer & Bible Study will be at 3pm.

Our Maundy Thursday Service will be at 6.30pm and will feature Communion with unleavened bread.

On Good Friday there will be a short communion service at 11am.

Our Sunday Singers meet at 11am on Saturday Morning to rehearse and learn new songs. They welcome new singers.

Our Easter Sunday (Resurrection Day) Service will be at 11am and this will be a family service. Please consider inviting your family, friends and neighbours to hear Pastor Mark tell the congregation that death is not final.

There will be no Monday Cornerstone Café on Monday 2nd April due to the Bank Holiday.

The next Going Deeper Bible Study for mature bible students starts on Sunday 15th April at 6pm. You can register for this course on the sheet in the fellowship hall. We need a minimum of 5 students to make this course viable.

The next Beginners Bible Study Course starts on Tuesday 10th April at 7.30pm. You can register for this course on the sheet in the fellowship hall. We need a minimum of 5 students to make this course viable.

Advance Notice – There will be a Deacons meeting on Thursday 12th April at 8pm. Please notify Pastor Mark of any agenda items by Monday 9th April.

There will be a Whole Church Members meeting on Thursday 19th April at 8pm. Please notify Pastor Mark of any agenda items by Sunday 22nd April.


We have been asked to circulate:

LBA Children & Youth Work Forum presents: “Generation Z, Digital Culture and Discipleship”, Saturday 21st April

10am – 3.30pm, All Hallows Church, 83 London Wall, EC2M 5ND

NB. We regret that this venue does not offer step-free access.  

This year’s Equipping Day from the Children’s & Youth Work Forum will explore the culture of Generation Z and open up the conversation about how we do discipleship in a digital age. We’re excited to be partnering with some fantastic guest speakers from Youth For Christ, the Resource and ACET UK for a challenging day and some practical breakout sessions.

Tickets are just £5, with lunch and refreshments provided.

For more information contact Pete James at or to book your tickets click here


General Data Protection Regulations

There is a webinar training session planned for 27 March and further materials to come soon.

We are aware of increasing numbers of enquiries about the new enhanced regulations which come into effect on 25th May 2018. BUGB have been taking the lead on issuing guidance and information about this and have recently updated and added more useful information, including a “Frequently Asked Questions” section and some template policies. See link below.

Another good reference point is who are running a relatively inexpensive seminar in Central London on 2nd May. Follow this link for more details.


DJ Ministry Launch Event, Friday 13 April, 7.30 pm – 11.00 pm, Crown House Creative, Morden SM4 5AY

Third Space Ministries is hosting an event to launch their new ministry reaching out to the DJ industry.  Meet Luke Rollins, the DJ Ministry Coordinator, to hear his story and vision for the work and get a glimpse into the needs of the industry.  There will be music slots from guest DJs, drinks and nibbles, and an opportunity to support the work.

Entry is free but booking is essential via

Carolyn Skinner

CEO Third Space Ministries

Space for Scripture and Sermon Notes:




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